In Dubai and other Emirates, the Bus Transport Company is in charge of providing safe school bus transportation. Students enrolled in public or private schools can use the service. The government adheres to strict criteria to safeguard the students’ safety and comfort. To meet the demands of students, all of the buses have been customized to international standards.

In Dubai, school transport is an important aspect of the public transport system. Buses are also provided for school trips and youth centers outside of school hours.

We offer a variety of school Pick and drop services in Dubai for kids, including monthly, weekly, and annual Pick and drop services. Our Bus Rental Dubai transportation is in contact with several schools, and customer satisfaction is our priority.

Bus Transport Company’s School Bus Transportation

The school bus transportation service is specifically tailored to fulfill the demands of schools, nurseries, and other student groups. Our smart bus fleet has been hand-picked to meet school transportation’s highest international quality and safety standards. As a result, we are convinced that your children will be safe on our buses during their travel.

You can rest assured that your child will arrive at their destination safely and on time in an environmentally friendly bus when you choose Bus Transport Company’s School Bus Transportation Service.

The Bus Transport Company outfitted its fleets with cutting-edge technology to safeguard the safety of schoolchildren.

Safety is a top issue for students, school administration, and parents during COVID. The customized software and comprehensive solutions go beyond bus tracking to provide a pleasant experience for bus drivers, students, parents, and school officials. With the number of crime scenes increasing every day, innovative tracking systems can make a difference.

School Bus Transportation with Drivers

The drivers and bus helpers are trained under RTA rules and regulations, and the transport manager, operations manager, and school doctor conduct regular workshops for the department’s improvement.

Our buses are kept in excellent condition at all times. Parents are given the phone numbers of the bus drivers and bus workers so that they may track their children while on the bus.

Our goal is to provide safe transportation because every child is our top priority. We make a great effort to ensure that the children have a safe ride to and from school.

We provide a one-of-a-kind customer service for parents and offer stress-free school bus transportation in Dubai, UAE. We provide authentic school transportation services using cutting-edge GPS technology and optimized fleet management systems.

Government School Buses Specifications

The government gives comprehensive information about the school bus’s exterior, interior, and safety features. These rules assure the safety and security of students on school buses and those traveling on government buses. For government school buses, we follow the rules and regulations effectively.

Requirements For The Outer Surface

All school buses must be painted yellow and have the words ‘School Bus’ inscribed in Arabic and English in a font size of at least 80 inches. The sign should be placed on the right front side and the left backside of the vehicle. The writings, however, should not be more than 1500 cm square.

Furthermore, putting bars on windows (interior or exterior) is completely forbidden. Buses must be equipped with an Electronic Stop Rod and light indicators to ensure road safety.

Requirements For The Interior

The company-made buses will need to be modified to suit the interior criteria. Additional seats are not permitted, and the floor must be covered with a non-flammable, non-slippery rubber. Every bus must have two doors that the driver will operate.

Buses must be equipped with a cooling system capable of maintaining a temperature of no more than 24°C. In addition, every bus must have a dedicated compartment for storing luggage.

Offenses and Fines

All traffic laws must be followed by our school transportation, and any violations will result in Dubai traffic fines. In addition to these, bus drivers are subject to the following extra traffic laws.

Benefits of Dubai Our School Bus Transportation

The Bus Transport Company provides a safe pick-up and drop-off service. On the other hand, parents are responsible for dropping off and picking up their children at a designated location or assembly point. If parents cannot pick up their children, the bus will return them to the school for safety reasons.

The school bus service in Dubai gives many benefits and safe and secure commuting. The following are some of the advantages of using the Dubai school bus service:


All school buses are monitored by CCTV cameras put on the bus. Additionally, GPS monitoring devices and email notifications keep parents and guardians informed about their children’s whereabouts.


Buses are maintained regularly to ensure comfortable travel. A hydraulic suspension system and a noiseless cabin also ensure that the pupils have a stress-free voyage.

Trained Staff

Drivers and conductors are trained specifically for the school bus service.

Fares For Service

The cost for this school bus service is determined on the distances between your home and the school’s location. The transport fees of private schools might be used as a general estimate.


Dubai Bus Transport Company is highly attentive and always at your service. We are always prepared to accept a demand, such as a recommendation for transportation systems inside the Emirates. We provide affordable, high-class vehicles for your children when providing School Bus Transportation in Dubai, UAE. Our Bus transportation costs benefit a wide variety of events and occasions you wish to be associated with.

We treat each application as a challenge to meet our clients’ needs, make their development enjoyable, and influence them to allow us to serve them. We provide a monthly pick and drop service in Dubai, UAE, and a constant pick and drop service. Call now for the best services available.