Monthly pick-up and drop-off services are available in Dubai.

Our monthly pick and drop services in Dubai provide our clients with convenience on a monthly basis for office staff, schools and colleges as well as any special events such as concerts. Our company provides pick and drop transport service with outstanding administration and management, hardworking staff members who receive training on a consistent basis and top of the line vehicles.

At Dubai Pick and Drop Services we take great pride in offering reliable pick-up and drop services at highly reasonable rates at very cost-effective costs, so that our valued clients may arrive safely and comfortably to their destinations with minimal expenditures. You can take advantage of this service for only AED 50 per booking.

Our drivers are punctual, making your commute to and from Dubai fast and stress-free. We provide pick and drop service for almost every location across Dubai as well as monthly pickup/dropoff options on monthly contracts. All routes in Dubai are well known by our drivers so reaching your offices on time without difficulty in terms of transportation is no issue at all.

We can assist educational institutions so their students arrive on time at schools, colleges or universities. Pick and drop services can be extremely useful to female passengers; therefore we provide them with this service on demand to meet their demands and needs. Working men or women alike can ease their hectic daily lives with this convenient pick and drop option from us. 


Female passengers can avail themselves of our convenient pick and drop service for an enjoyable journey to their destinations. We pride ourselves on offering very reasonable pricing as compared to the other pick and drop companies; therefore, there’s no need for you to worry about expensive fare or expenses when using our vehicles, which are kept up-to-date and advance technology equipped. 

Experience a luxurious journey on board one of our clean and luxurious buses, where our trained transport staff adheres to rigorous discipline standards. Our mission is to fulfill customer desires for journeys at competitive rates while arriving promptly at their destinations on schedule – without neglecting safety measures! We care deeply for each and every one of our clients’ journeys.


However, we strive to train our drivers so they can drive responsibly. You can be rest assured that every member of our staff is reliable and responsible. At Pick & Drop Transport Services we have an entire team dedicated to meeting the requirements and desires of our clients, working towards improving our service to fit them as much as possible. We accept and respect any complaints and applications related to improving and optimizing pick and drop transport services.


 At our company, we work tirelessly to meet and satisfy customer requirements and satisfaction. For an improved pick and drop service with ease and convenience, experience our company today and share your journey experience with others so they too may benefit from this renowned service for clients like yourselves.